Food Trucks or Trucker Food?

22 Jan

Yesterday some friends and I drove (slightly) out of way to check out the new food truck lot  just off the HWY 281n in SA.  One of the gals had seen a blurb mentioning the new foodie venture on the web, and after logging a massive cycle class at the gym, a casual roadside refueling sounded spot on. Based on the growth of “real” food trucks in the area lately, spawned by the all too slow awakening in SA/So. Texas of lefty (lefty as in left side of the US, you know, like Ca.) trends like farmers markets and vegetarian cafes, we pretty much thought this new gathering would follow suit with a range of freshly prepared fresh. Yeah-no. While there were “pulled pork paninis” (btw, panino is actually the correct pluralization of panini) offered at the “gourmet pig” truck, the menus offered by the rest of the truckers ranged from fried moon pies, cupcakes, and fatty bbq brisket tacos on grocery store flour torts, to flat-top griddled burgers. Yes, there was a fish taco offer, and yes the shredded lettuce, avocado and sauce were flavourful, but fried frozen “white fish” strips do not a true taco make.

The picnic tables and area were clean, though some music or spunk of any kind would be welcome to enliven this as-yet-to-discover-themselves odd collection of trailers and trucks. The experience felt a bit like watching a not so good first date, and wanting to whisper in each of their ears to “lighten-up”!

So a word to the food truck-ers: if your aim is to ride the wave of this still newish food trend, be prepared to get fully wet. You can’t dip your toe in as the tide rises by assuming that any food sold in a truck will get the love and dollars that the real foodie truckers cultivate. If you’re really a fried moon pie trucker, then be proud and lease some space on the rodeo grounds next month. Yee-haw!


2 Responses to “Food Trucks or Trucker Food?”

  1. Dan Jean January 22, 2012 at 7:49 pm #

    Nice first entry! It only makes sense that if food truck is about the food, then a good food truck would be about good food. Please do it right, truckers, or pull over!

  2. jim pittenger January 23, 2012 at 4:33 am #

    Thanks Suzy,
    I’m hoping in the not too distant future to bring a Biker Jim truck into your neck of the woods. Yeah, I know, we’re sausages…what’s so great about them. But you know what we do…
    Nice post. I’m looking forward to more. Take care and hope to see you before too long.

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