What’s the State of Your Union?

25 Jan

I know that for most people New Years Day is the literal annual starting line, but for me, a political sports fan, the State of the Union Address held each January is my self-imposed ready-set-go date. Though sometimes the speeches feel as (rhetorically) bloated as a  Paula Deen Glazed Donut Cheeseburger, I nonetheless emerge heartened by patriotism and a pull toward purposefulness.

I noticed that San Antonio Mayor Julian Castro was seated in the First Lady’s box for last night’s speech; a cool reason for his suddenly “being called away” from his “Fitness Council” kick-off meeting on Monday.  I’m keen to use my invitation to the Council to drive some real results in our community, and am glad to see the alliance with Mrs. POTUS and her ground breaking health initiatives.

I have much respect and appreciation for the First Lady and her initiative to put health, wellness, food, nutrition, and childhood obesity front and center in the U.S. .  She, by creation of the Let’s Move initiative, and it’s private arm, the Partnership for a Healthier America, has led the charge to combat the obesity/diabetes pandemic with real action. More than mere meetings that admire the problem, or work to create “more awareness and education” (my favorite political euphemism for doing absolutely nothing), Let’s Move and PHA are engaging the mega food industry–retailers, manufacturers, restaurants–to enhance the cleanliness of their products, and, to promote organic farming, and get fitness/exercise back into people’s lives.

Mayor Castro of San Antonio has adopted this mission in order to lead the city  to become one of the healthiest in the U.S. by 2020.  Great. Because the state of our healthy union has never been worse. Never. 30% of our population is obese or morbidly obese. 26 million people, or 8% of the population is diabetic. 70-80% of the what the average American eats is processed food. That means it was made in a plant, rather than coming from a plant. Reflect on your day for a moment. Eat anything fresh yet today? Are you working at your desk right now fueled on fake food?  Coffee and muffin for brekkie, fast food or chopped and formed deli meat sandwich served on white flour, corn syrup sweetened bread for lunch?  Diet Coke and cookie, or old, orange peanut butter vending machine crackers for afternoon snack?

What is the state of your union? The union that matters most, before freedom, liberty, family, finances or worship. Without health we have nothing. Our human state of health starts with how we respect our incredible union of mind, heart, legs and lungs. How we balance the food we eat, the amount we sleep and the water we drink.

How’s the state of your union? Check in, lace up and saddle up! It’s January 25. Time to get moving and write your 2012 “you-nion” address. 


One Response to “What’s the State of Your Union?”

  1. RM January 27, 2012 at 11:31 pm #

    Well Put Suzy!!!! I am right there with you in the Fitness and Fight the Good Food Fight!

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