Does This Nightstand Make Me Look…Healthy?

24 Feb

Have you had that experience where you realize that perhaps that BIG NEW IDEA or SUPER COOL thing you recently learned, that you’re so sure everyone you know will love, has perhaps gotten a little out of control?  I’ve had a few revelations lately, so as I sit here sipping my organic spinach & orange, almond milk, and optimized all natural whey protein smoothie (all made in my VitaMix 5200 Variable Speed blender) I thought I’d share them and get your thoughts.

The first thing happened when I was at the nail salon getting a pedi, and a  woman walked by, glanced at the book I was reading and blurted “Well, I can tell you why I’m fat…” and then walked off in a bit of a smirk. Startled, I realized she was reacting to the title of the book I was reading: “Why We’re Fat” by Gary Taubes (a super fascinating read that explains how insulin regulates fat tissue).

Next, I was walking past a guy I know at the gym, taking a sip from my water bottle, and he said in passing, “I know, I know, half my body weight in ounces everyday…”.

Another incident occurred in the bakery at Central Market when a shrill “..YOU eat BREAD?!!”  caused me to drop my ancient grain, no HFCS, loaf back in the bin. Then there’s the bartender the other night who just couldn’t get it that all I wanted in my margarita was tequila (patron silver, please), fresh squeezed lime juice and a splash of agave nectar. Si, si, sin triple sec, jugo de naranja y azucar. What’s the problema?

But finally, when I went to bed last night, these isolated incidents started to add up as I inventoried my nightstand. Was it emblematic of a healthily robust outlook on life, or a parody of a health nut?  So here’s my question for you: Is a healthy habit ever a crazy obsession? As a newly certified health coach (plug for Institute of Integrative Nutrition) and longtime lover of food & fitness, I tend to think no. But as an honest observer, as duly noted above, I suppose it’s possible. So think about it, and after you’ve gotten in your workout today, let me know your thoughts.


3 Responses to “Does This Nightstand Make Me Look…Healthy?”

  1. naomi Klaus February 24, 2012 at 8:40 pm #

    i guess if i had to ponder this i would say that most people are a little nutty. you may be a little nutty, or obsessed about food and nutrition. i am a little nutty about love. want it, need it, have to have to have to have love. etc…. at the end of the day, there are worse things to be obsessed with. and we could all learn a little about how to live healthier, full, more balanced lives from one another.

    • suzymonford February 24, 2012 at 8:43 pm #

      Wow! great thoughts Naomi!! I LOVE it! Thanks for your enlightening perspective, and I agree, I love Love Too!

  2. Amanda Gangawer February 24, 2012 at 9:49 pm #

    Suzy, I don’t think a healthy habit is a bad obsession unless you take it to an unhealthy stage. The comments directed at you are more about that person than you. Healthy people can be intimidating and can cause others to feel insecure or frustrated that they themselves don’t live according to those ‘healthy standards’.

    P.S. Your health ‘obsession’ is an inspiration to me, so keep it up!

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