Wheel Thyself

25 Mar

Y’all know I’m passionate about all things health, fitness and food (and wine and margaritas), so I wanted to share some puzzling contrasts I’ve experienced over the last week. Here are the bookends: the Food Marketing Institute’s Supermarket & Pharmacy Health & Wellness conference, and  the LBJ 100 Cycle Tour.

At FMI, sponsored by Pepsi and the American Heart Association, I listened to industry leaders present on healthy food & groceries and clean label product trends, all whilst being served daily menus of chocolate sprinkle mini-muffins, french toast, and dessert after every meal. Not too tough to rationalize since that is the definitive retail food industry challenge–promote health or profits?

My bigger challenge is how/what to think about the obese man in the wheel chair at the airport, who, apparently frustrated by the wait to be escorted, said “well, I have half a mind to just wheel myself”, as compared to the wounded warrior cyclist grinding up hill on his hand-crank cycle at yesterday’s tour.  What makes one man who can, not, and one who cannot, cycle?

I don’t have the answer, but am happy to listen and learn. Not surprising, my view is pretty simple: Neighbor, wheel thyself. If you can, then you must. If for no other reason than to yield the right of way to those striving to move forward. Your health and your life are what you make it.

Need inspiration? Volunteer at BAMC Wounded Warrior clinic. Want to learn how to be healthy at any age? Read a book titled “Younger Next Year” by Chris Crowley and Henry Lodge, MD.

We don’t  need national health care, we more need people to care. Saddle up!


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