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Saddle-Up Sunday

1 Apr

I woke up this morning to the happy surprise that my DVR was recording the Tour de Flanders live. Beautiful views of the Belgian country side and across “cobbles” into postcard perfect towns and round-a-bouts…c’est magnifique! This did pose a bit of a pre-brekkie conflict however: lounge in bed with the Belgians, the NYT, a fresh pot italian roast coffee and ancient grain toast with organic almond butter, or wheels down and ride as planned the night before? Since the hottest thing that was bound to happen laying in bed would be the all-too-predictable hot coffee in the lap, I got out the spandex and saddled up.

I’d had a good ride the morning before (note: good=just long enough+just fierce enough+ cute guys in lead pack+ >1000cal), and this morning was heading out to join some friends in Bulverde.  This is the season for cycling in Texas . Bluebonnets, soft temps and light air. If you wait until the early morning  dew gives up, usually by 8-8:30, then it’s just about as perfect a morning for riding as you’re likely to get anywhere. I happen to know it was chilly and wet in Belgium this morning and if the seasons are on schedule elsewhere, it’s down right rainy in Riccione, shockingly windy in Melbourne, and depressingly still wintery in the UK, and don’t even get me started on England (cue english-accented chuckle here).

I’ve had the good fortune of cycling in a few countries round the world, and I must say it is a true egalitarian sport.  The group I saw de-park just before me this morning could’ve been the united nations of cycling judging by it’s range of age, speed, size and sex.  I think the global appeal of cycling must be due to the fact that it’s one of the few things that’s fun fast or slow, up or down, alone or in a group.

So congrats to Tom Boonen for his sprint finish to win the Flanders..a powerful few fast inches. And back closer to home, next weekend is the Easter Hill Country Tour….you don’t have to be Catholic to ride, but if you’re among that flock, feel free to count it as mass.

I’ll be on your left.