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Is That Bad?

3 May

“Is that bad?” I wish I could report that was a rare question last Thursday at a health fair in Washington, DC.  But, yeah no. Over the course of four hours and I’m guessing a stream of more than 500 people, it was, startlingly, the most common reaction to the “sugar cubes in a Coke”  demo. At 39g of sugar in a 12 ounce serving, less than half the amount most soda drinkers consume in a day, that’s nearly a full day’s allotment.

Now I love learning about and sharing ideas on health, food and fitness. I mean, aren’t those three secrets for living an adventurous and happy life (marrying Lance Armstrong not withstanding)?  Via my company, Food Sport International, and my colleague Kristy Clarke’s consultancy, Primal Connection, I’ve had some terrific opportunities to engage with corporations and communities on these fronts, and I can honestly say I that each time I come away a bit more validated, but also more perplexed.

Really, even if health news and nutrition were the last thing someone cared about, you’d have to have been crushed by a Big Mac not to have gleaned that we’re living in a freakishly scary pandemic of “diabesity”.  Kids loved to death by parents whose idea of comfort comes through a drive-thru window. Parents selfishly or ignorantly giving up on their own health and so writing the prequel to their kid’s upcoming caretaker drama. People that choose health being expected to finance type 2 diabetic’s dialysis (I’d cut off that tax-payer funded treatment in a heartbeat).

Look, sugar is a drug. Bypassing the digestion system, it goes straight to your stomach for a quick high. You need more and more to get that same sweet sensation. You have an immediate negative impact when you crash (headache, irritability, cravings). You’ll do anything or pay anything to get it (people who complain to me bout the price of organics are the same ones who stand on line to buy gourmet cupcakes).

So please be both sweet and smart. Moderate your sugar drug as you would any other, and don’t push it on others. One of the leads in the news today is about the New Jersey woman who took her six year old daughter to the tanning salon—negligent, right? How bout the millions of parents serving a sugar buffet of cereal, cookies, candy, soda, ice cream, frapuccionos, blah, blah, blah?

Here’s your free health coaching tip for the day: eat clean, get most of your sweets from the ground and save the sugar treats for your margaritas! 🙂