Is That Bad?

3 May

“Is that bad?” I wish I could report that was a rare question last Thursday at a health fair in Washington, DC.  But, yeah no. Over the course of four hours and I’m guessing a stream of more than 500 people, it was, startlingly, the most common reaction to the “sugar cubes in a Coke”  demo. At 39g of sugar in a 12 ounce serving, less than half the amount most soda drinkers consume in a day, that’s nearly a full day’s allotment.

Now I love learning about and sharing ideas on health, food and fitness. I mean, aren’t those three secrets for living an adventurous and happy life (marrying Lance Armstrong not withstanding)?  Via my company, Food Sport International, and my colleague Kristy Clarke’s consultancy, Primal Connection, I’ve had some terrific opportunities to engage with corporations and communities on these fronts, and I can honestly say I that each time I come away a bit more validated, but also more perplexed.

Really, even if health news and nutrition were the last thing someone cared about, you’d have to have been crushed by a Big Mac not to have gleaned that we’re living in a freakishly scary pandemic of “diabesity”.  Kids loved to death by parents whose idea of comfort comes through a drive-thru window. Parents selfishly or ignorantly giving up on their own health and so writing the prequel to their kid’s upcoming caretaker drama. People that choose health being expected to finance type 2 diabetic’s dialysis (I’d cut off that tax-payer funded treatment in a heartbeat).

Look, sugar is a drug. Bypassing the digestion system, it goes straight to your stomach for a quick high. You need more and more to get that same sweet sensation. You have an immediate negative impact when you crash (headache, irritability, cravings). You’ll do anything or pay anything to get it (people who complain to me bout the price of organics are the same ones who stand on line to buy gourmet cupcakes).

So please be both sweet and smart. Moderate your sugar drug as you would any other, and don’t push it on others. One of the leads in the news today is about the New Jersey woman who took her six year old daughter to the tanning salon—negligent, right? How bout the millions of parents serving a sugar buffet of cereal, cookies, candy, soda, ice cream, frapuccionos, blah, blah, blah?

Here’s your free health coaching tip for the day: eat clean, get most of your sweets from the ground and save the sugar treats for your margaritas! 🙂


3 Responses to “Is That Bad?”

  1. suzymonford May 3, 2012 at 4:02 pm #

    Jeff Skoke (Principal at Authentic RG) wrote:

    “Totally spot on. Too bad we as a community also need to rely so heavily on the monstrous money and in-kind support of the Coke and Pepsi’s of the world. Not to mention the outsized influence of petrochemical agribusiness. It’s an uphill struggle but the Internet and social media helps level the playing field.”

  2. Hilary May 4, 2012 at 3:53 am #

    Hummm…I must say I disagree with the “ya gotta be kidding me” tone and the conclusions about parents behavior, as well as the desire to punish sick people, as if knowing they may not get treatment if they got diabetes would have changed their behavior in the first place. Trying to change ones behavior/habits is the most challenging and difficult task anyone can take on. For some it is easy to start the change process, but maintaining progress is difficult, to say the least. A gazillion people smarter then me have researched how to motivate people to change for years and it is not as simple as you may believe. Being empathic, understanding and encouraging is what can keep someone engaged while they struggle through any change they are attempting…no matter how long it may take. Lastly, I think you may have left out a few important “secrets to living an adventurous and happy life”, beginning with relationships, love, unconditional acceptance and compassion…one can be physically healthy and fit, but who cares if you have no one to play with…especailly if you live a long time due to your good health! Lance Armstrong, while I am sure has grown up a bit, was a big playboy during his marriage, but if Zac Eferon (sp?) were older, I would vote for him! Sorry sis, I gotta say, beside the sugar facts, I disagree with much of your opinions on this one.

  3. ali May 6, 2012 at 9:12 pm #

    My husband was addicted to sugar and after angioplasty went cold turkey and actually had withdrawals. It is definitly a drug. He dropped 30 lbs in 6 wks and his triglycerides went from over 700 to normal range. Most people think lowering your fat with help you triglycerides, but sugar is the culprit for most people. It has been over 2 yrs and he doesn’t even miss it now. I really do think sugar is the reason for obesity. I do enjoy it myself in moderation 🙂

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