I Love NY!

10 Jun

Video 1

I’m sure you’ve read, heard or seen the news out of NYC : Mayor Bloomberg’s shocking proposal to ban super sized sugary drinks at (many) public venues.  And like most people I’ve talked to,  you likely had an immediate, surgary-rush like reaction: a fist pumping “YEAH!” in support of an idea to actually do something about the obesity epidemic, or a “WTF!” in opposition to the suppression of  basic American liberties.

Here’s my take. If you’re someone who loves their country and the promise of all the greatness it can achieve economically, culturally, scientifically, artistically, athletically, culinarily, militarily or spiritually, this proposal is for you.

If you’re someone who loves their country and the promise of freedom, liberty and justice for all, this proposal is for you.

If you’re someone who only feels but does not do the heavy lifting required by thought, and you wear the flag as you bury your head in the sand amidst a pandemic of obesity, diabetes, and sick children punished by the ignorance or apathy of their parents, then you hate this idea.

The brilliance of this proposal, this conversation, lies not in its polarization, but in its opportunity to galvanize. Regardless of where your gut check places you today, now more people are talking, debating and sharing perspectives on the “weight of the nation”.  Through increased awareness, more of us are focused on health, and perhaps, the dire need for more personal accountability. Right on!

Americans are bound together as citizens with freedom of choice and personal liberty.  But just as with other public programs that provided for clean water, national public parks, preservation of the buffalo, Medicare and Medicaid, and still others that safeguard children from alcohol and tobacco,  we can choose to band together and sing as one voice to affect the public good.

This proposal is an energizing voice in the growing chorus of our nation’s debate on health, and via its key-note, has made us all healthier already.



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