Civic Vegetables

8 Jul

 A girlfriend texted the other day from her seat at the courthouse. She was in the mix for jury duty, and she was actually rather enjoying it.  Honest reporting, she’s the one who came up with the cool word play, saying she felt like jury duty was a great helping of “civic vegetables”. When we spoke later, it struck us both that this was a pretty neat notion…committing positively to something that on its surface sounds so dire, but once ventured, turns out to be fulfilling and savagely healthy. As holistic health coaches, and in her case a fitness professional, we often lapse into long chats about food, nutrition, and life-coachy stuff, but inevitably circle back round to the same question: how to get people to start doing (more of) what they know is good for them?  On health, wellness and exercise, she voices the challenge as: “coaching people who’re rushing through life lost or confused about what to eat, but who with knowledge and support can find their path back to a body that feels like home”.

Whether drawing on that theme, or thinking more broadly, everyday we’re offered a menu of veggies–civic and otherwise. Setting the alarm clock for the early morning cycle class.  Making it by the local farmer market for the weekly bread and produce. Paying a little more for organics because it does matter. Turning off digital friends when in the presence of real ones. Encouraging your mates in their new adventures. Tipping an extra $1 because it’s not about the rule, it’s about making someone’s day. Speaking your mind even if you’re nervous.  Considering new points of view. Voting.  And making health and fitness the foundation of your life so you grow to be an old tourist, rather than a tour bus passenger.


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