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Rock THE Vote!

23 Oct
 Rock the Vote Dark T-Shirt
“Rock the vote!  I don’t know about you, but despite being a confessed political junkie, this election cycle has taken it out of me. Between the financial fakery agendas, flip-flopping olympics, and 1950’s sexism, I’m ready to vote for a candidate I really believe in–one that will have my back, be honest and true, and protect me as I explore the world.  Yep, I vote for health.  The foods we eat and the fitness we engage define freedom in our house of representatives. With every bite, we cast a vote for our health– for our mood, outlook and energy, positive or negative, at that very moment.
To feel fit is to feel fabulous no matter who you are or what you do. So often our habits become us, and without realizing it, we let money, jobs, and social politics become the singular partisan agendas that consume our life’s campaign resources. But really, it’s health and fitness that represent the true democratic, non-partisan ideals that enable us to be all we dream.
So I invite you to cross the aisle and stop electing the chemicalized, processed fake foods that trap you in the negative ad cycles of low energy and gloomy outlook. Cast your ballot for the candidates who will always deliver on their promise: real, whole, fresh foods, and fitness. Vote for YOU!  Plate plants first at most meals, move  a lot, lift heavy things, break a sweat  everyday and go breathless as often as you can get away with it.
The polls are open. Rock the Vote!
Suzy Monford is CEO of Food Sport International, and is a certified holistic health coach and fitness instructor.
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