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Leaving Comfort(able) Texas

30 Jun

Comfort(able) Texas

Since it was my last Texas Sunday for a while, I was mindful of Dorothy’s famous quote from the Wizard of Oz, “Sometimes you have to travel around the world in order to discover your own backyard.”.  Wheels down with friends for an “exploratory ride” through Comfort Texas, we meandered, toured, and climbed the 20-ish* hills near Skyline drive, all in fun, and to earn our upcoming lunch and wine bar lounging.

For a Texas girl raised on sweaty Helotes nights at John Floores Country Store, long days at the barn training to stay in the saddle regardless of jump or horse, beer drinking and Economics at UT (hook ’em), careers in SA, Austin, Dallas and Houston,  saddling up for the move to Sydney made me appreciate Comfort every bit as much as the other beautiful towns I’ve been lucky enough to cycle through in France, Italy, Australia and the U.S. .
So wish me well as I move far from my comfort zone; one of my friends is keen to say “wherever you go, there you are”.  I believe it, because even as I sit here now, on the other side of the world, I can go to Comfort in my mind, and I’m there.
Love and Cheers Y’all!

Cycling Le Tour – Poetry in the Slipstream

8 Jul

Everyday we strive to know

when to stand and when to go

to train and learn, courage to grow

afraid of only the final no.

Mates, partners, foes and all

camped out on our heart’s own mall

love rides there too if we dare

to live our dreams refusing to stall.

Leaning forward, an act of commitment

true in the saddle braced against the battlements

he told me once and other times

I was the teammate of his life.

And it felt then as does now

a draft so light yet a pace that pounds

I tuck my head to close out the sound

of the coach’s pleading torrent

steering round the round about

slipstream in the current.

Fighting to hold on to a pace bespoke,

for passion and youth through the last pedal stroke

with a heart bright and full of hope

to make the tour next year.