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Questionable Sense Oz Direction

15 Jul

So two + weeks into my new Ozventure, and starting to feel a bit cheeky.  But despite this budding sense of confidence, I know better than to get a big head.  Cases in point:

1) Morning commutes to the Head Office: 6

  • Success rate with correct exits: 65%.
  • Success rate finding a place to make reasonably legal-ish U-turns: 0%.
  • Instinctive feel for which exit is the “3rd after entering round-about”: 25%.
  • Success rate not scraping left hand curbs, aka  the passenger side: 50%.

2) Good Cuppa Joe. This is hard to find unless you want coffee that is really frothy milk with bit of espresso.

  • Success rate holding up the line while asking for simple coffee–long black with cold skinny milk on the side: 90%
  • Really confused Barista repeating the exact words I said back to me but as a question: 100%

3) Learning new company’s lingo.

  • While on tour of produce warehouse I heard them make an announcement for all the Chinese to gather in the 3* room.  I naturally asked why Woolies was segregating it’s immigrant workers, and my veg cred is now is serious jeopardy.

4) Don’t Mess with Texas.

  • Had flat tire when leaving new store in Woolloomooloo. Shit. Called Aussie version of AAA and later met George the tire change man, who upon learning I was from Texas, excitedly made make-believe pistols out of his hands and yelled “bang, bang, bang, bang” and then holstered his fingers into his pants pockets. Over next few minutes, I tried to explain that not everyone in Texas is a brain-less, pro-choice for men only, gun toting yahoo.

Saddling Up in Sydney,